Collaboration for the Modern Creative Team

Zig the most flexible tool for teams delivering creative experiences.
Zig is the most flexible tool for managing creative teams.
Available as an open Beta now.
Custom teams, multiple projects, realtime connections. Sound interesting?
Zig’s not optimized for mobile yet, but it works pretty well on a tablet.
Zig is in open beta. That button there will let you try it out.

Make Plans and Deliver on Promises

Zig’s scheduling and task management tools make it beautifully simple to plan and track projects. You can layout roadmaps, assign tasks, and set dependencies. Task information automatically aggregates up to let everyone know how things are going without having to dig down to specific tasks.
Scheduling and Task Management Features
  • drag and drop scheduling
  • dependencies and parenting
  • task states (assigned, started, finished, approved)
  • task priority warnings
  • automatic priority sorting

Fast, Flexible, and Relevant

Zig is designed for the challenges of creative production. Whether you are combining new technologies, dealing with new mediums, or tackling unique design challenges, Zig can help you onboard your team and deliver your project.


Zig is a complete tool for project collaboration, offering everything from task scheduling, states and approvals, to rich group chat and channels.

Fluid Teams

Zig allows teams to be assembled from anyone who’s signed up, so you can augment your team easily, and still see everything in a single view.

Smart Filters

Everything you see is directly related to you. That makes Zig easier to use, and it  allows you to mix teams without worry that people will see things they shouldn’t.

Flexible Teams

Zig doesn’t have fixed teams. It has people and connections. Every connection you make can be added to any project. Custom teams for custom results.

Realtime Collaboration

Set up project teams and collaborate in real time. Create groups, share files, and write notes. Everything has a channel, and every channel is realtime.

Multiproject Schedules

See all your projects and tasks in a single view. Assign tasks, check schedules and track progress. Communicate in context using task channels.

The creative industry has been crying out for this kind of software!

Wendy M

Studio Hackett


Create Specialized Teams

Manage internal teams, freelancers, and contractors in one interface. See availability, check workload, and keep things moving. Build teams on a per project basis, seamlessly adding specialized talent when you need it.
Learn About the Directory
The Directory is a unique feature in Zig. It connects you to every other person that’s signed up.

You can create working teams by connecting to people on the Directory and adding them to projects. Creative work is often demanding, with unique challenges, and we designed Zig to allow you to assemble teams that can meet those challenges. Connect to the people you work with regularly, and grow your network so you’re prepared for any production challenge.


Track Progress

Check in with team members in realtime, share files, ideas, and notes.

Custom Teams

Work with people outside your walls like they’re in the room.

One View to Rule them All

No need to go from project to project, exiting one to look at another. Zig aggregates everything into one view, so you can see the status of all of your projects and tasks at a glance.
Our Filtering Theory
Projects are complicated. There are lots of things to do, and those things often depend on other things. You can’t edit until you get footage. You can’t animate until you get a rig.

Users don’t take to a lot of task management because it’s hard to parse all the information. So we decided to trim it down and make sure everything is relevant. So when someone looks at a roadmap, they see their tasks and the tasks that are directly connected to them. That relevance makes everything easier to understand and manage.


Smart Filters

Zig shows you tasks that you’re directly connected to, and important info like tasks you need.

Smart Data

See everything using simple views, paired down and priority sorted. No clutter, just relevance.

Focused Communication

Channels are created between tasks, people, and groups. That context keeps everyone productive and focused. People can share notes and ideas in real time, provide feedback, or help with problems.
Channel features
  • rich media embedding
  • embedded task lists
  • markdown formatting
  • drag and drop file sharing
  • group and direct messaging
We’re sticklers for security. Firtsly, Zig’s a project tool built on a social network, not an advertising company built on a social network, so we don’t need to know what you’re up to.

To that end all messages are encrypted end to end using TLS and AE256 encryption. Our network partners are HIPAA Compliant, SOC 2 Type II Compliant, Privacy Shield certified, and GDPR compliant

Lots of potential. It's like a collaboration system built on top of LinkedIn. 

Renee M


Zig is in Open Beta

Try Zig now and get in at the start. 


Project collaboration for creative production.

Made with care in Vancouver, Canada.