Maxon Acquires Redshift

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Animation, Motion Design, Video Post


April, 2019

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Maxon has acquired Redshift Rendering Technologies.

After years of working up their own internal Physical Renderer, and then attempting to integrate AMDs ProRender over the last couple of release cycles, Maxon has now decided to acquire Redshift.

Details from the press release show little immediate change for artists. Maxon will support all current platforms and pricing will remain unchanged. At this point there is no announcement regarding, for example, including Redshift with any versions of C4D.

That said, this might put the Maxon’s focus back on building core tools as they now have a mature, production-proven renderer that can also generate revenue on the side. Redshift also provides another contact point between Maxon and major studios.

In return Maxon can provide sales and business support to Redshift, improving the reach of the product. 

Redshift has strong presence in visual effects and is already in use in major studios like Technicolor and Digital Domain, and on big-budget features like Aquaman.

Maxon’s press release is here. To learn more about Redshift you can visit them here.

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