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March, 2019


Project Management


Freelance management systems help companies tap into a larger talent pool, helping execute on projects, control growth, or supplement internal competencies. 

The best systems handle more than one job. At their most basic level freelance management systems provide a centralized directory of people the company has worked with, but the better ones have solutions for project management, payments or availability and resourcing. 

Here’s a list of the most complete freelancer management systems available.


1. Zig

Zig is a project management and collaboration system that allows you to integrate freelancers and external vendors with internal teams. Whether you are managing several camera crews, or working with writers on a content campaign, or planning an event, Zig can act as a single source of truth and collaboration hub.

Zig’s open directory allows you to connect with freelancers, save connections and track availability. Freelancers can set up their own profiles and portfolio links.

It also offers a full set of scheduling and task management tools, as well as realtime group and direct messaging, allowing teams and freelancers to work together. 

For large companies Zig can be set up as a separate node to allow for transparency into internal skills and talent, as well as the ability to securely add people from outside of your organization.

Zig doesn’t provide invoicing or ATS, but it’s scheduling and task tools make it the most complete freelance management system.

Price:  Free to message and create connections. Add anyone to project for $2 per month.


2. Kalo

Kalo is a freelance management system that helps companies organize their freelancer pool, assign projects, and process payments.

Companies can keep track and share a freelancer pool, add star ratings, and rates. Unlike Zig, Kalo has no scheduling, realtime availability, or realtime communication. 

Kalo introduced Kalo Pay, which allows you to collect and pay invoices in one place.

 Price:  Free to start, $29/user/month for pro version.


3. Shortlist

Shortlist is a newer freelance management system offering a similar feature set to Kalo. Similar to Zig and Kalo, users can set up their own profiles to take the management load off of internal teams.

Shortlist allows companies to automate onboarding workflows and ensure compliance with company policies. Internal employees can leave freelancer reviews for the rest of the team.

Price:  $50 per user per month


4. Talao

Talao is a new freelance management system that adds blockchain for extra security and verification in freelancer profiles.

Talao also provides a freelance job board, which they call missions. Completing a mission successfully is recorded to a freelancers profile.

Talao allows companies to build freelance pools, onboard freelancers, and assign tasks. 

Fun fact: It seems Talao financed by creating a cryptocurrency.

Price:  Contact Talao.


5. TalentDesk FMS

TalentDesk is a freelance management system from the people that brought you PeoplePerHour. It allows you to find freelancers, manage freelance projects, and handle payment.

Price: $55 per user per month



Zig is in Open Beta

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