Freelancing should be free.

We’re freelancers at heart. We’ve worked in film, advertising, marketing, and games. We’ve designed products, and helped execute events at every level. We want to help freelancers establish good relationships, build stable careers, and do great work.


Build your network.

Establishing a network is what allows you to move past bidding and move towards stable income. Zig can help you manage current projects and maintain relationships after the project is finished. As a freelancer your network is your most important resource, and that’s the foundation on how Zig is built. 


Keep your friends close, your clients closer.

Zig’s realtime communication tools allow you to stay in touch with you most valuable clients, partners, and friends even after the gig is finished. Zig is a tool to build and maintain a network that allows you to develop stable income sources and live the life you want to live. Use our chat tools to make groups, chat with friends, find leads, and solve problems.


Map your year, hit your targets.

Zig roadmaps give you an overview of your time and your commitments. Easily see your work gaps, fill out your quarters, and take time off knowing that annual income is set. Zig keeps you honest, highlighting what needs your attention, and making sure you stay on top of your projects. 



Easily organize teams into groups, record notes, and share ideas. Assign tasks, track progress, and make sure that everyone is gruntled. Use dependencies to see incoming deliverables.

Zig is free for solo users and subcontractors.

You only pay for the projects you own, and only when you have more than one person in that project.

Zig is in Open Beta

Join great creative company and help us help you at the same time.

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Project collaboration for creative production.

Made with care in Vancouver, Canada.

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