5 Great Podcasts for Freelancers and Small Business

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December, 2018




Running a business isn’t easy, especially when it’s small. Here are some podcasts to inspire, educate, and keep you moving forward.

Personally I love podcasts. I found listening to music while driving only increased my road rage and inter-car criticism. Podcasts get my mind awake and ready for the day.

Here are 5 good ones that you can try.

1. Freelance Transformation

Matt interviews freelancers, consultants and small agency founders getting great stories, advice, and community along the way.

He’s on hiatus soon to write a book, but there’s still plenty of content including simplifying your marketing and looking at things from your clients’ perspective.


2. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn deep-dives into all things freelancing, trying to dig out a path that can show you how freelancing can give you security and freedom while doing something you love.



3. The Consulting Pipeline Podcast

Philip Morgan takes coders and turns them into successful consultants. From finding a market segment, to establishing a niche, the podcast gives standout advice that can even help non-coders.


4. Rocketship.fm

Whether you’re launching products, getting a freelance life off the ground, or involved in any kind of creative endeavour there’s season after season of interesting listening at Rocketship.fm.



5. Double Your Freelancing

Super actionable advice one how to turn freelancing from a struggle into a success. Topics range from marketing, to retaining clients, to increasing your rates.



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