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Keeping Priorities Straight

Zig helps you keep your priorities straight. It does this in two ways:

  • It hides things that aren’t important or fall under someone else’s responsibility so that you aren’t distracted.
  • It sorts things for you so that important things rise to the top.

How Zig Sorts

Zig uses an Eisenhower Matrix to handle task prioritization. Tasks are presented as a list, but in the backend tasks are ranked in order:

  • Urgent important tasks
  • Important tasks
  • Urgent unimportant tasks
  • Unimportant tasks

This fits in to our basic philosophies that you should be handle everything in your life through Zig, that you shouldn’t worry about things that aren’t your concern, and that Zig should always present a simple, clean interface. The Eisenhower Matrix is nearly perfect as a sorting tool because it helps establish a productive order and forces consideration of importance at the beginning.

Zig currently considers all tasks equally important, so th main determinant is available time. Time is considered in terms of due date – a task that is due in 3 weeks is as urgent as one due in  3 days if you’ve burned 50% of your time on both. As Zig gets more input – like budget, or tags, they will be considered as well.