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This might be a familiar problem for you: you need someone with a certain skillset for a project. You open up your spreadsheet of contacts, and start calling all the people that have that skill. And they’re all busy. We wanted to help solve that problem.

The Directory let’s you see everyone that has chosen to share their profile. You can search for people by any keyword: their name, location, or skills. You can even see who’s available for work, or when busy people might be available again.

When you find someone who might be a fit you can send them a connection request. The request will appear in their feed. If they accept you’ll see them under the People Tab, and you’ll be able to see their full profile and message with them. You can also disconnect people in the Directory if need be.

As more people use Zig the more valuable the network will become. It allows companies to collaborate with each other, and allows freelancers to strengthen relationships with their clients.