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November, 2018

Motion design




A regular showcase of inspiring design by talented people.

This time featuring work from Psyop, Buck, Ernest Desumbila, Doug Alberts, Arts & Craft.`

Adidas X Parley

Psyop + Golden Wolf

Run for the Oceans - Adidas X Parley

Every pair of Adidas Parley PureBoost shoes purchased prevents approx. 11 plastic bottles from entering our precious oceans. A collaboration lovingly crafted by us and our Psyop family.

CAMP 2018


CAMP 2018 - Titles

Directed by Buck Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey Executive Producer: Emily Rickard Creative Directors: Jenny Ko & Steve Day Producers: David Guti Rosado & Kirsten Collabolletta Design: Jerry Suh, Gunnar Petterson, Jenny Ko, Steve Day, Jigyu Yoon, Richard Gray, Cecilia Chang Lee, Chris Markland, Ren Chen, Rafael Araujo Head of

LSD – Thunderclouds

Ernest Desumbila


Starring: Maddie Ziegler, Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Director: Ernest Desumbila Produced by Sauvage.TV Producers: Eva Laffitte, Bryan Younce DOP: Daniel Aranyó Art by Toni Soul edit by Joao Teixeira Choreography by Ryan Heffington Grading by Xavi Santolaya at Post Produced by Sauvage.TV

Complaining About Complaining

Doug Albert

Complaining about Complaining

Thanks for all the love from Motionographer, Wine after Coffee, Booooooom TV, Mango Snatchers, and Motion Lovers. Ever take a step back and just listen at how much we complain? Well I dedicated a week to writing down some of the best complaints, just to prove how often we do it.


Arts & Craft


Working with Wieden+Kennedy, Art&Graft had the pleasure of directing the launch TV commercial for the new innovative mobile phone network, Smarty. Design, Direction & Animation - Art&Graft See more here -

Lots of potential for flexible teams and contractors. It allows you to leverage your network in production in a useful way. 

Renee M

Zig is in Open Beta

Try Zig now and get in at the start. 

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