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Zig is a complete tool for project collaboration, offering everything from task scheduling, states and approvals, to rich group chat and channels.

Fluid Teams

Zig allows teams to be assembled from anyone who’s signed up, so you can augment your team easily, and still see everything in a single view.

Smart Filters

Everything you see is directly related to you. That makes Zig easier to use, and it  allows you to mix teams without worry that people will see things they shouldn’t.


Custom options for custom needs
Contact Sales
  • Private database options
  • Custom code and integrations
  • Enterprise support packages
  • Branding
* Active team members are users that are participating in shared projects.

Zig can save you hundreds, maybe thousands, each year.

Stop maintaining different subscriptions, switching tabs, and synching data. Zig can keep all of your projects in one place. 

A team of 10 people working on 4 projects at the same time would spend $80/month for Zig. 

Zig is in Open Beta

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