Get your whole team on board.

We’ve been producers. It’s how we spent most of our careers. We’ve made commercials, installations, main titles, and casual games for clients all around the world. Zig is the tool we wanted for ourselves. We hope it’s the one you want for you.


Build your roster.

With Zig you can build a personal roster of the people that help you get things done. You can mix coworkers, other companies, freelancers, clients….whoever you need to do what you do. Everyone only sees what they need to see, your projects are secure, and your relationships are yours. Best of all you can see who’s available, what they can do, and when they can start.


Stay in touch on every project at once.

Zig is built for realtime collaboration. Need to make sure the edit is coming along? Check in. Want to adjust the catering menu? Send a message. Need to get the client and the director on the same page? Make a meeting and track your notes. Everything is private, everything is realtime, and everything is auditable.


Track how things are going.

Zig shows you how things are going on the layer that matters to you. You get a simple timeline that gives you progress reports on your milestones and the tasks you’ve assigned to other people. Everything bubbles up, so you can quickly assess what needs attention and what’s on track. 



Easily organize teams into groups, record notes, and share ideas. Assign tasks, track progress, and make sure that everyone is gruntled. Use dependencies to see incoming deliverables.

Zig can save you thousands every year.

Zig simplifies your workflow, helps you prioritize, and replaces up to five apps with one simple platform.

Zig is in Open Beta

Join great creative company and help us help you at the same time.

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Project collaboration for creative production.

Made with care in Vancouver, Canada.

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