Where we're going we don't need roadmaps.

But we still made one. It’s the right thing to do. It’s also subject to change based on you.


June 21

Network availability

Oh yes. This is possible. Share availability with clients and stakeholders. Schedule internal and external resources. Imagine setting your availability, and watching your schedule fill up. Woah.

May 29


Cards, stacked on top of each other, in columns. People love them.

May 15

Budgets and time tracking

Set budgets and track time. Improve prioritization algorithm with budget and deadline consideration.

May 12

Adobe integration

See tasks and manage status inside Adobe apps.

April 19

Automatic location check-in

Check-in to work locations and start time tracker.

April 12

Roadmaps and Dependencies

Plan out projects on a timeline using drag and drop scheduling. Link tasks together to create dependencies.

April 2

Calendar Sync

Sync tasks with your phone.

March 28

Repo integration

Commits can be attached to task and project feeds.

March 26

Task locations

Add locations to tasks with map integration.

February 26

Task Parenting

Create task trees with nested tasks.

February 22

File uploads

Add new integrations (Microsoft, DropBox, direct uploads) for file sharing.

December 15

Progressive Web Apps

Zig on your phone, with hotfixes and feature updates direct from us.

Zig is in Open Beta

Join great creative company and help us help you at the same time.

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Project collaboration for creative production.

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