Collaboration for two to two hundred.

Zig seems simple, but underneath it’s doing a lot to make sure your team works together seamlessly. Everyone on the team gets the info they need to contribute effectively.

Collaborate with clients and vendors knowing that Zig’s filtering keeps private information private. See all your projects together in one view to balance competing schedules.

The Producer

Assign tasks and collaborate in channels. Quickly check schedules and make sure the team isn’t overloaded. Work with contractors and outside talent just like any other team member.

The Lead

Manage all your projects and deliverables in one simple view. Invite clients and assign tasks for milestone reviews. Grow your network and join other projects to keep your billable time filled up.

The Freelancer

Work with one or more vendors using a single app. Integrate multiple vendors into one project so they work together as a seamless team, ensuring consistent deliverables and transparency.

The Client

Lots of potential for flexible teams and contractors. It allows you to leverage your network in production in a useful way. 

Renee M

Zig is in Open Beta

Try Zig now and get in at the start. 


Project collaboration for creative production.

Made with care in Vancouver, Canada.