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December, 2018




We’re heading into the holidays, and if you’re like me you find this to be a stressful time of year. Here are some tactics that can help.

Part of why we start businesses is to free ourselves from the constraints of working full-time, but creative nature can lead us in some bad directions. Overwork, obsession, and the inability to relax or care for ourselves.

I think that the nature of modern communication only makes this worse. The Baby Boomer generation of my parents could safely delay communication by days, either by phone or by mail. But constant access is a burden we place on ourselves.

1. Set Limits

You are not a superperson. That might be hard to hear, but it’s true. It’s not your job to pick up the world on your shoulders and change it for the better.

Tim Ferris once said he can accomplish one big thing and two or three small things a day. Do that, and you’re doing great.

Sit down in the morning, establish a list of tasks using your favourite task management tool, and when you’re done you’re done for the day.


2. Get Outside

Studies have shown that extended computer use leads to depression, fatigue, and stress. The solution is pretty obvious: get away from the screen.

You need some quiet self-time every day. I recommend hiking or some other mindful outside activity. Even when it’s cold.

That said, mindful hobbies like cooking and gardening are great ways to switch yourself on to another mental wave too.


3. Do Something New and Physical

Learning new physical things is good for your brain. In sample groups people who learned wrestling did better at learning a new mental skill than people who just trained with weights.

Make a New Years Resolution to add a new physical skill to your mental toolkit. Martial arts, rock climbing, dance, kayaking – whatever interests you will reward your effort in multiple ways.


4. Invest in family and friends

Family and friends keep you grounded and give you support when you need it (hopefully). Make sure you set aside time to be with them. Setting limits, as mentioned in #1 can help there.


5. Get a Mentor

One of the great things about experienced people is that they are often giving of that experience. Mentors aren’t that hard to find. If you don’t have one, think about your network and who you can talk to. Buy them a coffee.


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